Monday, February 20, 2017

Weekly Update for the Week Ending 2/19/17

Good afternoon everyone! I hope everyone had a great week last week, and if there any guys reading this, I hope you and your wives/sweethearts had a wonderful Valentine's Day.

Last week was a great week in many different ways:

Health - Went for my six-month check-up at the dentist, and he said everything looks good - the hygienist even told me she could see less stain on my teeth this time. I told her that I got a new power toothbrush for Christmas, and she thinks that could be why. I also went through the second week of Brazil Butt Lift last week - of course my workout schedule got thrown off because of my dentist appointment, but I will get it back on track again once I get Focus T25. At this point I'm still failing the pencil test (pencil is still staying underneath my butt cheek) but I still have two weeks to go, so I'm hopeful that my rear end will be nice and firm by the time it's done. Ironically, I'll finish Brazil Butt Lift the day before my next appointment with my neurologist - March 5th. I should receive Focus T25 this week by Wednesday, so I'm looking forward to starting to look through that. My workout schedule for this week is:

Tuesday - Sculpt
Wednesday - Cardio/Bum Bum
Thursday - Sculpt
Friday - Bum Bum/High and Tight
Saturday - Sculpt
Sunday - Bum Bum/Tummy Tuck

Wealth/Income - Worked 7 1/2 hours for Lionbridge last week. Also got my second paycheck, which was a lot more than the first. But, the first only covered one week. This week I hope to do a bit more - I'm trying to shoot for making at least $150 per paycheck after taxes right now, that will give me an extra $300 per month on top of what I'm already making with Apptical.

Those were my two major accomplishments last week, hope everyone has a great week and I look forward to posting another update next week!

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