Sunday, March 12, 2017

Weekly Update for the Week Ending 3/12/17

Good evening! I'm pleased to say I had a decent week this week - it didn't go as well as I'd hoped it would, because of some unforeseen circumstances which I'll get to in a minute, but it still went pretty well.


I had an appointment with my neurologist's nurse practitioner on Monday - it went well. We talked about the fact that I had to switch back to the generic from of one of my medications (Trileptal) and her suggestion was to keep track of the manufacturers the drug comes from and notice which ones I do well on. She said if I notice I do better on one manufacturer's generic than another, I can see if the pharmacy can order it from that manufacturer for me. I also started my first week of the Focus T25 Alpha cycle, and it was a good week. I'm finding that a lot of the workouts I'm doing have a lot of legs and lower body work in them, which is great since I just finished Brazil Butt Lift. The only workout I think I did that didn't have any leg work in it was the Ab Intervals workout which focused mostly on ab exercises alternated with just brief periods of cardio. Also, the stretching workout didn't have a lot of legs in it, except for the leg stretches of course. My workout schedule for next week is:

Monday -  Cardio
Tuesday - Total Body Circuit (this one was a killer!!)
Wednesday - Speed 1.0
Thursday - Cardio
Friday - Lower Focus/Ab Intervals (double day)
Saturday - Stretch

I'm also still doing a good job of getting all my water in every day - I'm on a two-week streak now.


Apptical was good this week - busy for a few days, but I think things are finally starting to slow down a bit. I also worked a bit on some writing for our company newsletter and discussed an idea I had with the leader of the focus group I'm on - she liked it, and I think we'll discuss it on our next conference call this coming Saturday. Lionbridge was a bit slow, I didn't get in as many hours as I wanted to because there were a few days where I didn't sleep well, so I didn't get up and do any work in the morning. Then there was no work for a few days, so I lost some time there. I did do about an hour and 45 minutes on Saturday - I would have done more, but the work ran out.


Decided to try something and open up a small IRA with the company I have my emergency savings account with, WorthFM. My plan is to have one deposit a month go into that and another go into my savings account. Also, should start having some small deposits into my Lionbridge 401(k) on this next check.


As the weather gets warmer, I'm finding myself wanting to get back into cleaning and organizing stuff more again. I got some of my paper stuff organized, and also want to work on organizing my bathroom a bit more. Related to that, I was looking for information on ways to dispose of non-acetone nail polish remover - the safest way to do it is to take it to a hazardous waste facility, which I haven't got the time for, but I also found a great article on other uses for non-acetone nail polish remover:

That's it for this week, I  look forward to posting another update next week! 

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