Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Things I Learned on my Trip to Pensacola Beach

This past weekend I went on my first trip ever to Pensacola Beach, Florida, and I had a GREAT time. But I learned a few things about Florida, and about traveling in general, that I wanted to share with you in this post.

  1. Not every beach is overrun by young kids. Kevin and I have vacationed at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for years. It was fun when we were younger, but as the years have gone on it seems like Myrtle Beach and South Carolina beaches in general are getting more and more overrun by teenagers and young kids. Down in Florida though, there are far fewer young kids - most of the people on the beaches in Florida are older adults and older kids - our friends were there with their kids, but they are older teenagers, and I think one of them may be in his 20s. 
  2. It is possible to get through a weekend without watching TV. When we first arrived at the condo we stayed at, I tried to find TV channels - couldn't find any working TV channels on the TVs in the condo we stayed at. I found out later that the working channels are higher numbers, but the condo also had a lot of books and magazines. Since I love to read anyway, I read a good bit of 61 Hours by Lee Child. I've gotten so into that, I now want to finish it. Unfortunately I had to make sure I left the copy of the book I was reading at the condo, so I'll have to pick up my own copy, or check it out from the library. 
  3. Walking on Florida sand is WAY harder than walking on Myrtle Beach sand. The sand on the beach in Florida is much finer than the sand on the beaches in South Carolina, so it's more difficult to walk on. If you visit Pensacola or any of the Florida beaches, make sure you pick up a pair of sand shoes at one of the beach shops - they're specially made so you can walk easier on the sand. 
  4. There are places in the US where the water actually looks blue - The water in the oceans at Myrtle Beach doesn't quite look blue, though I guess it could pass for blue. But in Pensacola the water actually looked blue - there were even places where there was a little green mixed in with the blue. 
  5. Having on a lot of sunblock and occasionally sitting under an umbrella is a necessity when you're out in the sun in Florida, otherwise you will get scorched. 
  6. If you do get scorched, Solarcaine or aloe vera gel is your best friend. Be sure to apply it often to help the sunburn go away. Pain relievers can also help. 

These are the main things I learned from my first trip down to Pensacola Beach - if you've been to Pensacola Beach or any Florida beach, please feel free to share your experiences and any lessons you learned from your trips. 
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