Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Les Mills Combat Supreme Warrior Workout Day 52 - Ultimate Warrior's Workout and Having Second Thoughts about Being a Coach

Good morning - this morning's workout was the Ultimate Warrior's Workout - that's one of my favorite workouts because it's actually performed live, and it's a real good workout - it incorporates all the different types of punches and kicks and really gets my heart going.

I'm also having second thoughts about being a coach. It's beginning to be obvious to me that one of the keys to me being successful as a Beachbody Coach is for me to drink Shakeology, which is very expensive, even with the discount I get as a coach.  Don't get me wrong, it may be great for people who don't mind replacing one of their meals with a shake, especially since over the course of a month it may actually costing less (It's approximately $129 retail price for a 30 day supply, $129/30 = $4.30 a day approximately). If you're spending more than that for one of your meals, it could be worth it to replace that meal with Shakeology, especially since it's a better quality product than a lot of the foods out there. Not sure if it's right for me though - I'm going to check with my neurologist to see if either of the medications I'm taking have negative interactions with any herbs, if they don't then I'll try Shakeology.

That's it for this update, hope everyone has a great day!

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