Monday, August 31, 2015

Les Mills Combat Supreme Warrior Workout Day 57 - Live Ultimate Warrior's Workout and Les Mills No Longer Part of Beachbody

Good morning! Did Ultimate Warrior's workout this morning, and got a great workout from it as usual.  I also found out something that has me a little upset - Les Mills is no longer part of Beachbody - apparently they were bought out by Reebok some time ago, so the Les Mills dvds will  no longer be available on the Beachbody website. That means I'll have to find another kickboxing-type of workout to do. I still plan to go forward with doing the P90x/Les Mills Combat hybrid workout that I set up for myself to start the day after Kevin and I get back from our trip up to Michigan (next Tuesday, 9/8/15 - the day after his birthday), but after that I may check out Turbofire or one of the other kickboxing-inspired workouts Beachbody has (those that are reading this that are doing Beachbody workouts - are there any others?)

This week is going to be a short but busy week for me - I have to work this afternoon from 2-7, then all day Tuesday through Friday, then Friday night as soon as I finish work Kevin and I are heading out of town, going up to Michigan for the weekend - we'll be driving back Monday (Labor Day, also his birthday) which we both have off, then we'll both be heading back to work on Tuesday. Somewhere in there I also plan to do some work on my Beachbody business. Hope everyone has a great day!

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