Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Les Mills Combat Supreme Warrior Workout Day 58 - Power HIIT and Feeling Better about being a Team Beachbody Coach

Good morning! Having a great day so far, got up and did a few things before I did my workout. This morning's workout was Power HIIT - I love that workout because it's short and has less plyometrics in it than Shock Plyo HIIT. It's hard to believe there's only 2 days left in this round of Les Mills Combat for me - then I'll be taking a few days off from intense workouts while I'm up in Michigan with my husband. After I come back, I'll be starting a self-designed Les Mills Combat/P90x workout (Les Mills Combat kickboxing workouts alternated with P90x strength workouts). It will be interesting to see how that goes.

I'm also feeling better about being a Team Beachbody coach - I talked to my coach for a few minutes on the phone last night, and he answered a few questions I had and also gave me some ideas for how to find customers - I've started looking at the posts in the Coach forums and answering requests from people who are looking for a new coach (or looking for a coach at all). I'm hoping eventually I'll find someone who wants me as their coach. I've also been looking at some of the training material in Team Engage Facebook group files, and it's really very helpful.

That's all I have for now, I will  post another update tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great day - bring ti and stay with the fight!

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