Friday, August 28, 2015

Les Mills Combat Supreme Warrior's Workout Day 54 and More Ideas for my Coaching Business

Good morning everyone! Having a good morning so far, got up and did Les Mills Combat Ultimate Warrior's workout, which I love because it's got so many different punches and kicks, and it also incorporates all the different types of martial arts. Also weighed in at 114.5 this morning - not that I was trying to lose weight, but I'm always happy when I don't gain weight.

I also came up with more ideas for my coaching business - I think I'm going to start up a trial of Skype Unlimited World so I can call mobile phones and landlines from my computer - I think that might work well for making long distance calls, for example for the Weekly Wake-Up call and also for when I have to call potential customers. I tried getting on the Wake-Up call on my cell phone last week, and it didn't work because my cell phone wouldn't stay connected. If I decide to continue with it, it's only 2.99 a month, which is affordable for me. Plus I can call using Skype from my cell phone or my Kindle as well.

I'm looking forward to today, not only because it's Friday but because Kevin's on his way home from Augusta, GA where he's been working this week, and also because today is our anniversary - we've been married 12 years today.

I also got my Coach welcome kit yesterday, I was surprised to see that this is all it is:

It's a book that has pages in it that give you some information about being a coach and how to earn money, and also has places for you to put in before and after photos. 

Anyway, that's it for this post, this weekend I have some stuff to work on, and I also hope to work more on my coaching business. Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

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