Monday, February 22, 2016

My Beachbody Transformation Journey Talks with a Vegetarian

Have you ever thought about becoming a vegetarian?  What motivates someone to become vegetarian or vegan? I decided to find that out for myself by posting those questions on a website I like to use, MyBlogU, and this is the feedback I got from the one person that answered those questions. 
Q. Why did you decide to become vegetarian or vegan?
 A. Kari (Blogger And Writer)

For me, I was never able to tolerate the idea of eating animals. I must have been born with the notion that eating animals was gross because I've been like this since I was young.

I have never eaten fish or chicken. When I was little, and I understood where chicken and fish came from, I refused to eat it. I'm talking about 5 years old and being at McDonalds eating chicken McNuggets. My mom told me what they were and I refused to take another bite. Same with fish, but my parents weren't big on fish, so it wasn't as much of an issue in the house.

My parents didn't tell me where beef came from until I was old enough to figure it out (I was still under 10). When I did, I refused to eat that too. I would sit at the table until all my beef was gone while other kids sat at the table until all their vegetables were gone.
Next, I learned about hot dogs and those were gone. Then ribs and steak - and those were gone. Then, the last to go was bacon at the age of 15. Eventually at the age of 20, I stopped eating eggs too, just because the idea was too gross for me.
Q. What kind of meals do you eat daily?
 A. Kari (Blogger And Writer)

I do still eat cream, cheese, and butter; although, we have been vegan and enjoyed vegan cheese and the vegan spread. My husband can go without the cream, cheese, and butter. Because I've been vegetarian for so long, it's not really an issue on what to make. We eat everything meat eaters eat, just without meat. So we eat lasagna, but without the meat. We eat burritos, but without the meat. We eat burgers but use Portobello mushrooms instead of meat.

The only issue we really have is making sure ingredients don't have meat products. For instance, meat broth is something that is often in soups. Or beef fat is something found in a lot of products. Also, we look for vegetarian rennet and gelatin-free products.
Q. What advice would you give to someone who's considering becoming vegetarian or vegan?
 A. Kari (Blogger And Writer)

It's not that hard. My husband ate meat and decided to stop eating it. He's a weightlifter and has had no problem with his protein whatsoever, so all the people who tell you that you are going to lack nutrients in some way believe that because they've been told that, not because they know that for sure. The only thing you can get on a vegan diet is B12, and you will have to take that in supplement form, but other than that, eating a balanced diet of beans, grains, and vegetables gives you everything you need. Research how to get all you nutrients first, and then go vegan or vegetarian. As far as taste, you can create some incredible dishes without meat!

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