Tuesday, November 17, 2015

P90x/Les Mills Combat Hybrid Days 70 and 71 - Rest Day and Chest and Back and Ab Ripper X and Trying to Find Myself

Good morning! The last few days have been good, yesterday was my rest day and I took advantage of it. This morning's workout was Chest and  Back and Ab Ripper X - both went well, I actually used my weights as push-up bars on a few of the push-up exercises during Chest and Back, and that seemed to help.

Also lately I've been noticing I'm starting to get kind of bored with  my life - what I want exactly, I don't know. But this past weekend I worked on transcribing an interview that a client who's a PhD student did with someone he talked for for his dissertation, and I started to think about maybe going back to school - to do what, I'm not sure. I started looking at Masters Degree programs at some of the local universities, and found that one of them has a Masters in Entrepreneurship program that's completely online - it looked pretty cool, but I'm not exactly sure what I'd use it for. Yeah, it would help me learn more about what it takes to run your own business, but I could learn about that in the time that it takes to complete the degree. So I'm not sure. I'll keep everyone updated on what I find out during my "self discovery" journey.

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