Thursday, March 24, 2016

Upper Plus and Ab Ripper X

Good morning! This morning's workout was Upper Plus and Ab Ripper X - I love Upper Plus because of the variety of the exercises - especially exercises like Double Double Dip'll Do Ya, where you're doing both push ups and dips. A lot of these exercises work more than just the upper body, or they'll work multiple muscles at the same time - so you can get a good workout in a shorter period of time.

I only have a day and a half of work left and then I'm  heading up to Michigan for Easter weekend. Looking forward to it and not looking forward to it at the same time - I love visiting my friends and family up there, but I've also heard they're still having snow up there - don't want to deal with that, the temperatures are actually starting to get a little warmer down here! :(

Not sure if I'll get to post tomorrow, but if I don't I hope everyone has a great weekend! Don't eat too much Easter candy!

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