Tuesday, March 8, 2016

X Stretch and Lost 3 Pounds!

(Please note, this post was supposed to be published on Friday, 3/4/16. I actually only ended up doing a short workout today.)

Good morning everyone! This morning's workout was supposed to be Yoga X, but I decided to do X Stretch instead - I like that workout because it's shorter but I still get a good all over stretch. I actually think I want to find ways to start adding more stretching to my day, especially since I spend a lot of time sitting.

I'm also happy to say I lost 3 pounds this week! I'm not surprised, especially since my time of the month arrived yesterday - I think I peed and pooped out a lot of it, LOL. Hoping I can keep up with the weight loss now, especially since I have some trips coming up - Michigan Easter weekend, and then the beach the weekend after that.

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