Friday, December 4, 2015

P90x/Les Mills Combat Hybrid Workout Day 88 - Kenpo X

Good morning! I'm having a pretty good day so far today. I weighed myself this morning and found I'd gained a pound and a half, but that doesn't surprise me considering how much junk I ate last weekend, and the fact that my body has been trying to fight off a sore throat. This morning for a change of pace I decided to do P90x Kenpo X, because there isn't as much jumping around in it as there is in the Les Mills Combat cardio DVDs. It actually felt real good to do that video, I think I might have to add it back into my rotation. Tomorrow I'll d o Core Synergistics, and then Sunday will be X Stretch, and then I'll be done with this hybrid workout. I think for the rest of the month of December, I'm going to do the same type of routine I've been doing - P90x strength workouts alternated with Les Mills Combat cardio workouts. I'm also going to try to follow a clean eating plan that was posted in one of the groups I'm part of.

That's it for now, I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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