Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Back and Biceps and Abs/Core Plus, and My Independence Day

Good  morning! This morning I did Back and Biceps and Abs/Core Plus - it was a great workout, but I need to figure out where exactly my pelvis is so I can do some of these hanging ab exercises, like hanging pelvic tilts. I'll do that this week, and hopefully by next week I'll be able to do those exercises more effectively.

Yesterday I had a great day - as I mentioned in my post on Sunday, Kevin and I went back to the Cinebistro to see Independence Day: Resurgence, and everything was great - the food and the movie. We got there early and had a few drinks in the bar while we waited for our movie start seating people - of course mine were non-alcoholic drinks. Once we were able to get into the movie theater, we ordered our meals - I ended up ordering a steak sandwich with sweet potato fries, but they brought out the sandwich with the wrong type of fries, so I had to remind them again what I had ordered. They brought out the correct fries, and I ended up getting both types with my sandwich - so I ate way more food than I should have. It's time for me to get back to eating right and exercising the way I should, though. My workouts for the rest of the week will be as follows:

Wednesday - Interval X Plus
Thursday -  Chest, Shoulders, Triceps/ARX
Friday - X Stretch
Saturday - Legs and Back/Abs/Core Plus
Sunday - Kenpo Cardio Plus

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