Friday, July 8, 2016

Pilates, Weight Gain and my Weekend Plans

Good morning! This morning I got on the scale and found that I'd gained 5 pounds. I'm not surprised considering how much I ate last weekend. I'm not worried though, I'll get it off this coming week. This morning's workout was supposed to be X Stretch, but I decided to do Pilates instead - I actually found it kind of hard to do, which surprised me.

This weekend since I'm going to be on my own, I plan on working on a few projects around my apartment, as well as doing a few other things - I want to do some cleaning and organize my files a little bit - maybe get rid of some of the files I no longer need. I also want to take the test to do QA (quality assurance) work on one of the transcription websites I work on occasionally. Hope everyone has a great day and a great weekend!

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