Sunday, July 17, 2016

Legs and Back and Abs/Core Plus and my Plans for Today

Good morning! This morning I got up and did Legs and Back and Abs/Core Plus - both workouts went well, I actually was able to do 4 reps of almost all the pull-up exercises today. I did fairly well at Abs/Core Plus - I love that workout because of the diversity, but I still have kind of a hard time with some of the hanging ab moves, so I decided to look for more information on how to do them online, and found the following review:

It actually provided some pretty decent descriptions (I thought) of how to do the exercises, so I'll try using the descriptions here and see if I can figure out how to do the exercises. I also may ask for help on the Beachbody message boards.

Today I plan to work on some stuff - I have some freelance writing due tomorrow, so I need to get that done, plus I have a few other things  I need to do. Hope everyone has a good Sunday!

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