Friday, October 23, 2015

Do You Prefer to Eat Three Larger Meals or a Bunch of Small Meals? Why?

Since I'm out of town today, I decided to do something different. I've been collecting opinions from people on whether they prefer to eat three larger meals or a bunch of smaller meals, and why. Both eating styles have their advantages and disadvantages - eating several smaller meals over the course of the day can be better for people who have certain health problems, or who are very busy and don't have time to sit down and eat larger meals. I personally eat three larger meals and three snacks throughout the day - I find eating this way keeps me from getting too hungry at meal times. Here's what other people had to say about how they eat:

Q. Do you eat three larger meals every day, or a bunch of small meals?

A. Kari (Blogger And Writer)

I eat a bunch of small meals throughout my day. I usually have a small bite to eat in the morning, a small lunch, a snack in the afternoon, a small supper, and a snack at night. If I'm on vacation and need to eat out, then that schedule changes to three larger meals.
My preference is to eat three larger meals in a day. Eating a meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner helps socially, because I can eat at work with co-workers without judgement or questions on my meal size. Additionally, Since I tend to be fairly busy throughout my day, It's easier to carve out time, for eating and also the prep time, three meals rather than for multiple seperate meals.

A. Phil Turner (The Knowledge Man)

I eat 3 larger meals every day. I have a breakfast that varies from fresh fruit and oats to a full fried plateful of bacon and eggs. I have a light lunch of home-made soup and my main meal about 4 or 5pm with a very light supper at about 7pm.

A. David Leonhardt (Ghostwriters for Hire)

I'm a grazer.  I eat all day long.  When we are not together as a family, I don't really eat "meals".  I tend to eat 6-7 snacks during the day, which breaks up my activities and at least keeps me drinking (since I don't tend to drink water on its own, only when I eat).
I also get my meals confused sometimes.  Did you know that a bowl of cereal with milk and raisins makes a wonderful late night snack?  And that it also makes a handy breakfast?

A. Todd Trahan (President of SERT Data Recovery)
I prefer to eat a well balanced meal, not too small to be a snack but with enough carbs, protienm and fat every 2-3 hours throught the day. It really depends on what your goals are with regards to the amount of grams of each, however this type of frequency will help the metabolism speed up and keep your body feuled up throughout the day.

Q. Why do you prefer to eat like this?

A. Kari (Blogger And Writer)

I like to eat smaller meals because I don't like the feeling of being too full or too hungry. I've heard that being too full (overeating) can mess with your hormones and cause you to store more fat. And, when I'm too hungry I often get dizzy and weak, due to low blood sugar.
Larger meals are easier to time and seem more fulfilling overrall. Also, Carrying multiple small meals with me throughout my busy day isn't the easiest. I tend to like things to be as simple and efficient as possible. Multiple food containers, scheduling meal times and prep time for multiple meals is too much to add to my schedule at this time.

A. Phil Turner (The Knowledge Man)

I prefer to eat like this even though I know 5 smaller meals burn off more calories. I did try eating a 2-stage breakfast and lunch, but basically I found I was eating non-stop, I prefer to have 3-4 hour gaps between my main meals and just to snack on fruit in between.
A. David Leonhardt (Ghostwriters for Hire)

I'm a grazer due to simple math.  If one eats three meals a day, and one is up for 16 hours, that implies at least 5 hours between meals.  But I am hungry after two hours.
The math is equally clear on the flip side of the equation.  After eating a good, healthy portion, one is no longer hungry.  Yes, one can still eat (and if there is cheesecake in front of me, I have been known in some quarters to do so), but one is no longer hungry.

So, for instance, when we plan dessert at supper, I usually suggest waiting until later for dessert, since we'll all want a snack before bed anyway - why eat a dessert now and a snack later, when the dessert will do for both if we just wait?  Amazingly, after so many years, people around here are starting to listen to me (Yes!  I've worn them down!)

A. Todd Trahan (President of SERT Data Recovery)
It keeps the gas tank full and your body has energy throughout the whole day. It's healthy becasue it also keep your bowel movements regular and consistent. It will cut down on the cravings of other filler foods that might not be as healthy. It also helpys your body to be on a regular routine and helps avoid binge eating.

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