Friday, October 9, 2015

P90x/Les Mills Combat Hybrid Workout Day 32 - Power Kata and Discovering New Health Apps for My New Phone

Good morning! I had a good workout this morning, did Power Kata which I love because of the music in it. I also weighed myself and I'm at 119, so I gained a little bit from last week. That's okay though, I'm still under 120 - that's what I strive to stay at or under.

I've also found a few "interesting" health apps for my new phone. One that I tried yesterday is called EpDetect - it's an app that detects epileptic seizures, and then notifies the listed caregiver that the person is having a seizure.  Problem with it is, it only detects really violent tonic-clonic seizures. It would be great for me if that's what I had most often, but the seizures I have are usually complex partial seizures. I also downloaded an app called D Minder - it keeps track of how much vitamin D you're getting from the sun as well as from supplements. I really haven't been able to use that one enough yet to form an opinion of it, but once I've used it a little more I'll be sure to tell you want I think of it. I've also been using S Health a little bit - that's the health app that came pre-loaded on my Samsung phone. It's got some interesting features - my phone has a little fingertip heart rate monitor, and I can use that app to keep track of it. Not sure how much I like the heart rate monitor though, I don't think it's very accurate. I took my heart rate before I started working out and after I finished my workout - before I started working out it said my heart rate was 75 bpm, and after I finished my workout it said my heart rate was 81 bpm - I have a hard time believing it only went up 6 beats during my workout. Another thing is it's very difficult to use - if you don't position your finger just right over the sensor, it won't be able to measure your heart rate.

That's it for now, I will write more later. Hope everyone has a great Friday!

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