Monday, May 16, 2016

My Permanent Crown, My Plans for this Week, and Ameri-Geddon.

I'm excited to say that I got my permanent crown this morning. It looks great, you can't even tell the difference between it and my other teeth. I just have to wait 24 hours before eating anything sticky, which is fine. Other than that, I can go back to brushing and flossing normally on that tooth.

This week it's time to change things up a bit with my P90x routine. For the next three weeks this will be my workout routine:

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - Back and Biceps/ARX
Wednesday - Plyometrics
Thursday - Chest, Shoulders and Triceps/ARX
Friday - Yoga or X Stretch
Saturday - Legs and Back/ARX
Sunday - Kenpo Cardio Plus

The only time this will be difficult is next week, because we'll be going out of town for Memorial Day weekend. Not sure what I'll do yet about that, I'll figure it out when I get closer to that  week - probably next weekend.

As I said in my post on Saturday, Kevin and I drove to Charlotte, NC on Saturday to see a movie called Ameri-Geddon. It was an interesting movie - no big-name stars in it, so the acting was a bit dry, but it did a good job of showing what might happen when/if the power grid is brought down. It was about a politician who was trying to let Congress know that the power grid needed to be strengthened - then an EMP is launched from a satellite (I think) and it brings the power grid down world-wide. At first, of course, people thought that the power had just gone out locally - they didn't realize that it had gone out worldwide until later. There was a small group of people that were determined to survive however - they ended up living on a plantation in Texas, where the politician I mentioned earlier was growing food, generating power and even getting his own water. That's the Cliff Notes version of the story of course, to find out more of it, you can check out the link I posted in my post on Saturday. If you need it again, here it is:

It's only being shown in 12 places, so I hope those of you that are within reasonable driving distance of one of those places are able to go see it.

There's also another good movie that's going to be coming out this summer called Hillary's America. You can check out the trailer for that movie here:

That's it for this post, I will return to my regular posts tomorrow.

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