Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Kenpo Cardio Plus and My Memorial Day Weekend

Good morning! I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. I had a very restful weekend - got a lot of reading time in, and also got to visit with some friends. Unfortunately, exercise and healthy eating was non-existent, so I'm getting back to it today - I got up and did Kenpo Cardio Plus this morning, which felt great after three days with basically no exercise.

As I mentioned above, I did quite a bit of reading this weekend - I finished one book I had started, "The Saint, the Surfer, and the CEO," and I also read another book called "All You Need is Less," and I also started a book called "Tox-Sick" by Suzanne Summers. I have already started implementing some of the things I've learned from these books, and I'll be starting to talk about them in the next few days and even weeks.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day, I'll post again tomorrow.

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