Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Core Synergistics and Finished Tox-Sick

Good morning! This morning's workout was Core Synergistics - I love that workout because of all the variety in it. Tomorrow's workout is supposed to be Interval X Plus, but I'm thinking of substituting a running/walking interval workout I found on YouTube - I want to start including more indoor walking and running workouts in my routine, so I can get myself more used to running.

I also finished Tox-Sick this morning - there wasn't much at the end, Suzanne just summed up everything that she'd talked about in the previous chapters, and then at the very end she provides a very comprehensive list of additional sources you can contact for more information on the different topics she covers in the book. If you've been affected by sickness because of environmental toxins, or you know someone who has, or even if you've been affected by sickness and you're not sure what's causing it, I highly recommend this book - I'll do a more comprehensive review of it in another post.

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