Saturday, June 25, 2016

X Stretch, Kenpo Cardio, and Lost 1 1/2 Pounds

Good morning! Sorry I never wrote yesterday, yesterday was a rather busy day for me. Got on the scale yesterday morning and was pleased to find I lost 1 1/2 pounds. Yesterday's workout was X Stretch - felt great after working my muscles real hard the previous few days. The last few days I've also ordered a few days - one of the things I ordered on Thursday was some jojoba oil, which I can use with the essential oils I ordered, or I can use it alone - that will arrive today. I also ordered myself a new Kindle from eBay - a Kindle Fire HD 10 - so I ordered myself a new case for it, as well as some other things that I'm going to use to get my office more organized - I'll provide more details on that later. The case and other things I ordered are scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

Today and tomorrow too, I plan to work on some things and also spend some time with Kevin. Hope everyone has a great day!

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