Monday, June 20, 2016

Healthy Snack Ideas

  1. Chocolate is one of the most favorite snacks in the world. No wonder! It's tasty; there is a huge variety of choices (though dark chocolate is still considered to be the healthiest); it fills you body with energy and endorphins!
  2. Bananas are famous for being extremely healthy, mainly because they contain almost all elements from the periodic table. If Mendeleev had a chance to try a banana he would probably not had to wait for his famous dream to come.
  3. Berries. Almost all kinds of berries go great with chocolate, nuts, bread, honey, cottage cheese and (sour)cream. The berries-cheese-cream combination surprises a lot of people if you ask. But isn't that the way all yogurts are supposed to be made?
  4. Carrots are among the most favorite snacks for kids. Not too many parents know that kids love carrots not for the flavor and vitamins. There is an opinion that crunchy carrots remind kids of candies, and there are also a very fun and 'cool' snack to have!
  5. Egg yolk. There are many recipes for snacks based on stuffing egg whites. However, not too many people use egg yolk leftovers to cook something else (they either eat it as it is or, worse, just through it away). Simple searching will give you half a dozen of ideas how to use egg yolks for another healthy snack!
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