Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Chest and Back and Ab Ripper X and Feeling Better After My Root Canal

Good morning - this morning I woke up feeling great. I did have some mild discomfort after my root canal yesterday, but nothing that I needed to take pain medication for. But now even that mild discomfort is gone. I just need to remember to not eat anything hard or sticky on the left side of my mouth until I get my permanent crown, or whatever the dentist is going to put in. I'll go see my dentist about that this coming Monday, April 25.

This morning was Chest and Back and Ab Ripper X - had a great workout as  usual, but I need to find out what the difference is between standard and military push-ups so I can make sure I'm doing each type right. Tomorrow's workout I believe is Plyometrics. That's it for me, hope everyone has a great day!

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