Friday, January 22, 2016

Indoor Walking Workout and Getting Back to Challenging Myself

Good morning! Decided to do Leslie Sansone's 45 minute indoor walking workout this morning - got a great workout from it, and have already reached my step goal for the day!

Also, one thing that I did the past few week that I've found to be real helpful with losing weight and maintaining my weight loss, is I've gotten back to challenging myself - before the holidays I had been using the Pact app to track my vegetables that I eat, as well as the number of calories I eat, both with the Pact app and with MyFitnessPal. Last week I got back to using the Pact app to challenge myself to eat vegetables, and this week I got back to using it to track my meals. I also joined a challenge on MyFitnessPal to log at least 20 meals, and I'm pretty close to achieving that. I'm hoping to add another Pact on the Pact app for keeping track of a few aerobic workouts a week, but I want to wait until I get back to doing higher intensity workouts before I do that.

Looking forward to this weekend - have to work on finishing up a few freelance projects, but other than that I plan to spend as much time as I can with my husband, who's trying to get over a lung infection. He was supposed to go see the doctor today but he couldn't because the office is closed because of the weather here.

Not much else planned other than that - will do Legs and Back and maybe Ab Ripper X tomorrow, depending on how my back feels, and Sunday I'll either do a kickboxing workout or another low impact workout, again depending on how my back feels. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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