Sunday, January 17, 2016

Les Mills Combat Kickstart and Full-Body Pilates Ball Workout

Good morning! This morning I decided to do something a little different, and did the Les Mills Combat Kickstart 30 Minute workout, and then put some more air in my fitness ball and did a 30 minute Pilates ball workout - both felt great. Have a lot of things to do today, such as laundry (which I have going right now) and some freelance writing, among other things. But this coming week's workouts will be pretty much the same as this week's:

Monday - Rest day
Tuesday - Chest and Back and ARX
Wednesday - Plyometrics (will probably be replaced by Interval X Plus)
Thursday - Shoulders and Arms/ARX
Friday - X Stretch
Saturday - Legs and Back/ARX
Sunday - Kenpo Cardio or Les Mills Combat

Hope everyone has a great day and a great week!

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