Sunday, January 31, 2016

Core Synergistics and Had a Good Day Yesterday

Good morning! This morning I did the P90x Core Synergistics workout, just for a little something different - at least I did most of it, I had to cut it kind of short because I was late starting. Friday ended up being a good day - I was busy at work, and got most of the things that were stressing me out resolved - I was on the phone with a representative from Express Scripts for 1/2 an hour, but she expedited my shipment so it should reach me by Thursday at he latest - I should be able to make my medication last until then.

Yesterday Kevin took me out to visit some friends of ours in Thomasville - they just moved into a new house and it's real nice - it's a lot bigger than their old house and they're paying less for it than they did their old house. We got home late and ended up having at late dinner, but it felt good to get out a little. Today I need to work some things - I have a new freelance writing assignment to work on, and I also need to work on our taxes.

This week I start the second round of my P90x/P90x Plus Hybrid - my schedule will be:

Monday - off
Tuesday - Back and Biceps/ARX
Wednesday - Plyometrics (will probably substitute a Les Mills  Combat Workout)
Thursday - Chest, Shoulders, Triceps/ARX
Friday - Yoga X (will subsitute Pilates or X Stretch)
Saturday - Legs and Back/ARX
Sunday - Kenpo Cardio Plus (may substitute a Les Mills Combat Workout)

Hope everyone has a great day!

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